Optimizing your health can mean more energy, stronger focus and higher productivity. If your professional output is important, the Vibrant Female Protocol could help you gain a competitive advantage and take your professional life to new heights.

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Would More ENERGY Improve Productivity?

If there were sub-optimal areas of your health or lifestyle, negatively impacting your energy, wouldn’t you want to know? Sleep, Hormones, Diet, Nutrition, Brain Function, and numerous others can impact your energy. Vibrant Female wants to help you keep your energy high – so your productivity is always improving.

Would OPTIMIZING Your Health GiveYou An Edge?

If you could grab the competitive high ground by optimizing your health, energy and focus, would you take it? As an executive with heavy burdens and endless responsibilities, it’s critical to stay sharp, charged, and efficient with your time and energy – Vibrant Female was designed with you in mind.

Would A Health
Advantage Drive
Faster GROWTH?

If you’re not growing, what are you doing? If your current goal is to take your business, or professional life to new heights, having the right team around you can help you achieve your goals faster, and with less pain. Vibrant Female wants to give you the health advantage on your quest for efficient business growth.

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What Is Vibrant Female?

Vibrant Female Health Protocol, is a two-part health program created by Dr. Debra Muth, ND, designed to optimize the health and wellness of high-functioning executive women.

Vibrant Female begins with a series of Labs & Panels, used to help Dr. Deb’s team understand your current health landscape, and yields insight into any areas that may be impacting your health, wellness, energy or vitality.



Hormonal Health

Hormonal function can be critical to consistent energy, mood stability and and your professional output. Vibrant Female is designed to help you understand and regulate your hormones.

Diet & Nutrition

Nutrition is the heartbeat of the Vibrant Female program, and will be a critical part of optimizing your health, wellness and vitality. Proper diet and nutrition can give you a fast track to increased performance and productivity.

PMS & Menopause

Learning how to navigate and mitigate PMS and menopausal symptoms, can allow you to stay sharp in the midst of deadlines, commitments and endless responsibilities. Vibrant Female is here to show you how.

Brain Function

Fumbled thoughts, brain fog, and lack of focus can negatively impact your professional goals. Dr. Deb designed Vibrant Female to help you stay sharp, improve cognitive function and help you take your businesses to new heights.

Hormonal Health

Improving your gut health and GI tract can be extremely valuable to your overall health and wellbeing. Vibrant Female will guide you to optimal nutrition and lifestyle changes to make sure your digestive health is strong and steady.

Heart Health

In the Vibrant Female Protocol, Dr. Deb focuses on ways you can utilize diet and nutrition to help improve your heart health.

Sexual Health

Dr. Deb wants all of her clients to not only experience health, wellness, and vitality – but also Sex-Cess in their romantic lives. Improving your sexual health can positively impact your professional goals.


Over time your body can accumulate toxins and chemicals. Detoxification can provide a spring board to a healthier lifestyle, sustainable productivity and a competitive advantage professionally.

Supplements & Vitamins

Ensuring that your body receives proper vitamins and minerals can be paramount in acheiving your health goals. Utilizing supplements can help you change gears to capture your professional goals.

Anti – Aging Therapies

Reversing the aging effect is high on most women’s wish lists. Dr. Deb is a Board Certified Anti-Aging Specialist, whose years of experience will be at your disposal throughout the Vibrant Female Protocol.

Sleep Health

Improving your sleep hygiene can give you longer lasting, and higher quality energy and endurance. Vibrant Female wants to help you improve your sleeping habits to stay at the top of your game.

Spritual Health

With most energy typically directed toward physical health, Vibrant Female wants to help strengthen your spiritual wellness. Positions of power can lead to heavy burdens, and Dr. Deb is here to help you ease the load.

The Comprehensive Hormone Panel is the starting point for initial assessment of hormonal status and endocrine function and includes estradiol (E2), progesterone, testosterone, DHEA and four cortisols. This panel is useful with patients because it looks at the full diurnal cortisol pattern; it is especially important in patients who are experiencing the following symptoms: weight gain, multiple chemical sensitivity, high blood sugar, elevated lipids (cholesterol and/or triglycerides), insomnia, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia.

Your cellular metabolism and your cardiovascular system (heart and blood vessels) are very intricately linked. For various reasons – not just age – our metabolism changes. Our personal chemistry controls these changes and they can be measured in SpectraCell’s CardioMetabolic panel, which covers the three main areas of keeping a healthy metabolic profile your whole life: Glycemic Control, Lipid Profile, and Vascular Inflammation

This profile evaluates 12 neurotransmitter and metabolites: Serotonin, 5-HIAA, GABA, Taurine, Glycine, Glutamate, Histamine, PEA, Dopamine, DOPAC, Norepinephrine, Epinephrine.


Urine Elements are traditionally used to evaluate exposure to potentially toxic elements and wasting of nutrient elements. Additionally, the comparison of urine element concentrations before and after administration of a chelator can be used to estimate net retention of potentially toxic elements. Subsequent urine element analyses, also following the administration of a chelator, are useful for monitoring the efficacy of metal detoxification therapy. Results are expressed per 24 hours or creatinine corrected to account for urine dilution effects.


Micronutrient testing measures how micronutrients are actually functioning within your white blood cells. These tests allow your nutritional assessment for a broad variety of clinical conditions, general wellness and the prevention of chronic diseases including arthritis, cancer, cardiovascular risk, diabetes, various immunological disorders and metabolic disorders.

Years ago scientists discovered your body has an internal chemical balance that is as unique to you as your fingerprint. Likewise, every food you eat has its own “chemical balance” – a unique set of natural or man-made chemicals. As your body reacts differently to each and every food, the food you eat each day will enhance proper body chemistry, or disrupt the correct balance. Most disruptions work at a cellular level, and may cause symptoms that you won’t notice right away. Or, you might not EVER make the connection that what you’re eating is actually damaging your body. So, nutritious foods you eat (like corn, soy, egg whites, green pepper, whey, or chicken, for example) may actually act like a poison in your body. When you eat foods that form toxins in your system, those foods can cause harmful, chronic problems with your health. The way we measure how your body reacts to the foods you eat is through the Bloodprint test, which pinpoints the foods that support healthy body chemistry and those that are toxic to you.
The Comprehensive GI Map with parasitology offers a comprehensive look at the overall health of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. The (CDSA) is Genovas historic evaluation of gastrointestinal function assessing a select set of stool biomakers. This stool analysis evaluates: digestion/absorption markers, gut metabolic markers, gut microbiology markers, gold standard O&P (ova & parasite) technology as well as EIA (enzyme immunoassay) for identification of common parasites.
A full breakdown of all of your Genomes in detail.
Telomeres are sections of genetic material at the end of each chromosome whose primary function is to prevent chromosomal “fraying” when a cell replicates. As a cell ages, its telomeres become shorter. Eventually, the telomeres become too short to allow cell replication, the cell stops dividing and will ultimately die – a normal biological process. SpectraCell’s Telomere Test can determine the length of a patient’s telomeres in relation to the patient’s age.

Labs and panels

Vibrant Female
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A natural, whole body health protocol
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The labs are set in packages that allow us to identify areas that create a variety of symptoms and allow us to optimize your health. The lab packages are purchased and shipped directly to you. Once collected you will mail them back to the lab for processing. Approximately 4-6 weeks later you will meet with one of our trained practitioners to review the labs and create an individualized plan for you.


We can offer corporate programs. Please contact us directly to discuss.


Dr. Deb is no longer taking personal coaching clients. You will have access to her personally trained team. You will meet with these practitioners depending on which coaching program you purchased. We do not offer 24/7 access to our providers or staff.

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A series of Labs & Panels make up Part 1 of the Vibrant Female Protocol. Dr. Deb’s team utilizes the results of these tests to zero in on areas that can be optimized.

Vibrant Female

Vibrant Female Protocol is a two-part, individual and group coaching designed to optimize the health and function of high performing female executives.

Vibrant Female Practitioners

Dr. Debra Muth, ND is the creator of Vibrant Female and a renowned Naturopathic Doctor who owns Serenity Health Care Center has personally trained all her practitioners to deliver the best care.


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